American Crew Fiber - provides a strong, pilable hold with a Matte Finish and Low Shine Includes IDAT Head Massager & Pouch


Style Your Hair the Way You Want

Our high hold fiber cream helps create a low shine, matte finish look. This hair cream product will thicken, texturize and increase the fullness of your hair. Best for shorter hair that's 1-3" in length, this water-based cream is not greasy or shiny and can be easily rinsed to wash out. You can use the wet brush included to shape and create the perfect look for any hair style. The hair brush included has been scientifically designed to avoid snagging in your knots, while easily sliding through them to give you the soft, shiny locks you deserve.

  • The perfect blend of hold, texture and matte finish
  •   Contains Beeswax to protect hair against moisture loss while providing complete control
  • Includes Head Massager & Pouch
  • Bundles and Packaged by Bellissimax