Ledger Blue

Cutting-edge touchscreen security

Ledger Blue is a premium hardware wallet with an advanced user experience thanks to a large touchscreen interface. It is built around a Secure Element and includes all the security features you’d expect from a Ledger device.

  • State-of-the-art Security

    Your private key giving access to your coins is never exposed. It is protected within a secure chip locked by a PIN code, the same chip than the one used for passports and credit cards.

    Easy backup

    Your crypto assets stay safe even if you lose your Ledger Blue: a confidential recovery phrase backs up your device and your accounts can easily be restored on any Ledger device.


    The Ledger Blue supports over 30 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Altcoins, allowing you to manage up to 11 assets simultaneously with the same hardware wallet. 

    Beautiful Color touchscreen

    The Ledger Blue embeds a color display and a large capacitive touchscreen with anti scratch glass, encased in a robust cover.

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